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Your Boyfriends Louboutin, and your Boyfriend Blazer

Ok guys,

I don’t know if you heard yet, but this topic has been tearing up the Hollywood fashion scene and blog spots like a gasoline fire. Everyone knows, or have heard of the infamous Christian
Louboutin’s that many A listers, the who’s
who, and entertainers are wearing. You cannot help but perversely become attracted
to the red bottoms of those soo sexy shoes for women. I mean, as a guy that
loves a fashionable women, I’m just totally turned on when I see a well dressed
sophisticated female, with a little black dress, pattern hose and the perfect
peep toe pump (IM A STYLIST I KNOW THESE THINGS People).

Now if that’s not sexy enough wait until she walks by you, smelling like a million bucks, and you do that double take to look behind her (guys you know what im talking about), lol, You can’t help but to
see that flash of Valentino red under those 4 inch heels. Now, come on, that is
an instant turn on, not to mention a curiosity of “WHAT DOES SHE HAVE ON HER
FEET”. (This was before I knew of course).

“Those shoes, what are those shoes” I asked myself and before I knew it, I kind of forgot about her> LMAO, well not really but, those shoes were instantly burnt in my mind for life.

In any event after finding out what they were, I found out, they were the talk of everyone and every woman went broke trying to afford those leather accessories for those little piggies.

Now, this blog wasn’t meant for you ladies as you guys always get the best stuff. You look great and can dress in everything including male-esc attire. You even have those new Boyfriend Blazers which In-
My-Honest-Opinion is a MONSTRASITY, a Fashion Faux Pas. Not to discredit the designers who make them
but, the mainstream pushes these trends on people whether they make since or

All woman has curves weather curvaceousness or petite.

[Fashion Tip]- When wearing a blazer it should fit to make you look exceptionally proportioned. The perfect blazer can create the allusion of curves if you desire them, and if worn correctly. In fact , for
my more full figured women which is 80 percent of American women, I contend that getting a
great blazer, adding a belt for a fashion accessory will become a favorite essential
item to your wardrobe.

Just ask “QUEEN BEE,” that’s what I affectionately call AJA of Kindred. She will tell you, I am a diehard proportion stylist that will make sure you don’t only fit your
clothes but you look fantastic in them, while being comfortable as well. Boy
friend blazer on a women ,(though allows for room which can add comfort) goes
against every fashion rule in the book. It adds bulk and often times look
sloppy (SO NOT SEXY).

Not to mention, its simply not your size so , all of the fashion GURUS out there becomes hypocrites if they are telling you to were something that’s out of size when they also promote proportion. Lastly, they may tell you to
wear a belt with a Boy Friend Blazer as
it adds a fashion component but, that defeats the purpose of designing the
Boyfriend blazer in the first place.

Ok, as I DIGRESS this was about the shoes right??? Sorry, I get a little pissed of when mainstream media forces stupid trends down the throat of the hard working consumer.

Men on the other hand can’t be as daring regarding fashion without feeling challenged to some degree. However, I couldn’t get the thought out of my head to why a guy couldn’t have a shoe that was such the “Show Stopper” that was just as pivotal in
the fashion scene as those shoes for women which was highly sought after.

So after a little research, a few blogger friends and facebook post latter, guess what I came upon? (You know iiitttt (in menace to society’s O-DOG’s voice)!!! That’s right, A red bottom Christian
Louboutin shoe for the Guy which didn’t only encompass shoes but also men’s sneakers.

Now, I don’t know if you know this but, FATIN of Kindred is a sneaker freak and if I showed him these High tops he would probably go crazey (ooops this is his site), and I would be
out of a job cause I would send his wardrobe budget through the roof. The price tag on these leather studded lace ups
are ….let’s say… ummm the price of a
small used car lol, I guess to some they may be worth it RIGHT??????? Not really
but , they do look fantastic.

Maybe I can contact Mr. Christian Louboutin for Kindreds next show?.? I doubt that as well but its nothing wrong with a little wishful thinking. lol

And we will get into The clothes later. Sheesh. perfection, yessssssss!!!!!!

Well im off my soapbox for now and will talk to you guys shortly, but until then stay fly, stay fashionable and above all, stay blessed.

Fashionably yours,

Charles Gregory

Wardrobe stylist/ Image specialist for

Kindred The Family Soul

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“you can learn how to dress just by jocking my fresh”- Jay-z

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