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Spring 2011 Fashion Trend

From Designers to Boutique owners, FAshionistas, and Fashionistos, The spring Fashion trend report for 2011 is finally out. Remember last winter’s saying, “Grey is the New Black?” Well think…“Long is the new Short”! As an Image consultant and wardrobe Stylist I’ve come to realize, Knowing what works best for your body type has always been key in developing your own personal style however, knowing the Current trend shows how knowledgeable you are with regards to fashion. So, I wanted to take this time and get you up to speed with some of the most talked about trends for spring 2011, and what to look for in the upcoming shows for fashion week Here in New York from February 10th  through the 17th.


You will notice the cocktail dress that has been worn above the knee has moved southward past the knee to the calf. The silhouette is now slimming streamlining the bodices. Long and flowy is also in the forecast. Looks that shows flirtyness with a bohemian flare yet styled to sophistication will be essential in creating the trendy look from off the runway.


Remember the pedal pushers, kulats and Capri’s?? They are back with a vengeance, updated of course and stylized in contemporary lines, pleats, and tucks however; flowy is added in the mix again with certain designers giving you a feeling of a more functional selection for your wardrobe.


Prints are going to be huge. Though prints seemed to never really go out of style, they are concentrating on your inner animal. Geometric prints comes in a close second to the zoological inspiration  of designers focusing on squares, triangles, and all the other shapes that end in oids!!! Last but not least, we won’t leave out the fruit lovers as pare shapes, pineapple prints, and a splash of lemon are amongst the seasons must haves.


World-renowned color authority Patantone Inc. has declared Honeysuckle Pink as the colure of the year for 2011 so hues of this, layered with contrasting colors will be the norm. Not matching, is the New Matching to a degree but, layering will be the key to tie it all together. Don’t be scared to be daring.


The idea of what a dress shoe is has been reinvented. The 4-5 inch stiletto can be cut down to a 1 inch kitten hill. The traditional wing tip for the gentleman can be replaced by the loafer or soft bottom lace up.


Wrap up:

It’s safe to say, the idea for the upcoming season trend is to be fun, breezy, and easy for spring 2011. The tight tailored and fitted look has loosened its grasp for the warmer weather so express you individualism in prints and length. The colorblind population will be the Masters of style as given they layer correctly and fancies pink. The multiple styles of sandals will take the lead vs. walking on your tippy toes. And for those who treasured the Hush Puppy way back when, feel free to dust them off, and let the feet breath for a change.

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