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What is an Image Consultant?
The Association of Image Consultants International official website states:

As an independent professional, an image consultant guides you in presenting yourself to your best advantage and in expressing your highest potential. Whether you’re an individual or a corporation, an image consultant can teach you how to polish your professional image in three areas:

* Your physical appearance – Grooming, hair, make-up, color, wardrobe, and personal shopping.

* Your behavior – Personality, stress management, etiquette, and protocol.

* Your communication skills – Diction, body language, relationship-building, and conflict resolution.

An image consultant utilizes the learning environment that you find most comfortable and convenient, whether it’s personal consultation in your office or home, a coaching session over the phone, a presentation to your executive team, a seminar for your employees, or a workshop at your annual conference.

At the House of Charles Gregory we strive to execute all of the above standards. We have a team of consultants that we utilize to asses your individual needs. We are here for you and promise to execute any situation you may find challenging.
__Charles Gregory is a proud member of AICI. Ohio_Pennsylvania_Chapter

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